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Product Information
Name MSM
Specification 99.9% min
CAS No. 67-71-0
Constitutional Formula C2H6SO2
introduction Is a kind of organic sulfur, are the necessary material of human collagen synthesis. In a person's skin, hair, nails, contain among MSM in the bones, muscles, and organs of the, the body consumes 0.5 mgMSM every day, once in a lack of will cause health disorders or diseases. Abroad, widely used as a medicine, therefore, is to maintain the biological sulfur balance of main drugs.
Indications and Uses Among MSM can eliminate virus, strengthen the blood circulation, soften organization and relieve the pain, can strong muscle strong bone, calm spirit, enhance physical strength, maintain skin beauty salon. Still can treat arthritis, oral ulcers, asthma, constipation, lose blood vessels, eliminate mildew in the gastrointestinal candida toxins. Among MSM, as a kind of nutrition, organic sulfide, can promote skin nails, hair, bones, tendons, and organ health, known as "natural beautification carbon materials.
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