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03/ 08/ 2024
Is Diabetes Caused by Eating Too Much Sugar

Recently, a hot topic was that a doctor explained that "diabetes is not usually produced by eating sugar", and pointed out that "sugar is an important nutrient needed by the human body, and not taking any sugar will cause health problems such as hypoglycemia, anemia and malnutrition". In the current

02/ 06/ 2024
Happy New Year, A Letter To Inform Customers

Dear valued customersAs the Chinese New Year approaches, we would like to express our gratitude for your trust and support over the past year. Your continued loyalty has been incredibly meaningful to us, and we are immensely proud of the successes that we have achieved together.As a result, we wish

01/ 22/ 2024
The Combination of A2 Type Protein And Lactoferrin Can Better Enhance Self-protection Ability

Recently, at the 17th National Conference on Perinatal Medicine (CSPM) of the Chinese Medical Association in 2023, a research empirical study was released on the positive impact of A2 protein milk on the immune system of young children. This empirical study indicates that A2 protein milk not only ha


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