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Glutamine Transaminase


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Product name: glutamine transaminase
Specification: 99%
Appearance: White powder
Mesh size: 80 mesh
Usage: Meat adhesive
Samples: Provide free samples
Certification: ISO, KOSHER, Halal, HACCP
Packaging: 1kg/bag, 25kgs/barrel

Product Description

Glutamine transaminase is a specialized enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of glutamine to glutamine α- The enzyme that converts ketoglutarate has important biological functions and is widely used in fields such as medicine, biotechnology, and food.

The main component of this product is sodium casein triphosphate pentasodium, which is a white or yellowish powder. Its chemical name is N - (N - (5-phospho-D-acyl-D-amino-D-fructose) - L-glutamyl) - L-glutamine, and its molecular weight is 589.67. This product is widely used in various biological experiments due to its excellent enzyme catalytic performance and high solubility, playing an irreplaceable role in fields such as bioengineering and medicine.

glutamine transaminase

The main chemical property of glutamine transaminase is to catalyze the transition from glutamine to glutamine under acidic or neutral conditions α- The conversion reaction of ketoglutaric acid is an extremely important part of some biological metabolic pathways and has significant biological significance. The physicochemical properties of this enzyme play a crucial role in its application in biological experiments. It has advantages such as high catalytic activity and high stability, and is an important component of catalytic systems used for other enzymes.

The main uses of transglutaminase in the fields of biotechnology and medicine include:

1. Used as a catalyst in the field of biotechnology: Transglutaminase is an important enzyme in the human body that can be used to obtain relevant research data in the field of biotechnology.

2. For medical testing: Transglutaminase needs to pass through organs such as the liver to transfer glutamine and α- Ketoglutaric acid is converted, therefore it can serve as a biomarker for liver function testing.

3. Used in the food industry: Transglutaminase is one of the commonly used components in enzyme products, which can be used to improve the viscosity and stretchability of dough, thereby making the produced food taste better.

In summary, transglutaminase is an enzyme closely related to human metabolic processes, with excellent catalytic performance and broad application prospects. Its main component is sodium casein trisodium triphosphate, which has the advantages of high catalytic activity and stability. The main application fields of transglutaminase include biotechnology, medicine, and food, among which there is great development prospect and commercial value.

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glutamine transaminase manufacturer

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glutamine transaminase certificate

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