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We are honored to be invited to the exhibition

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We are honored to be invited to the exhibition

We are honored to be invited to participate in the 26th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition. This is a three-day grand event that has attracted the attention and participation of food processing and raw material suppliers, experts and scholars, well-known brands, and media professionals from around the world.


At the exhibition site, we saw many new food additives and ingredients products and technologies, such as modified starch, thickeners, yogurt starter, pectin, and so on. In addition, many companies have demonstrated innovative products based on emerging technologies, such as vegetarian burgers made from artificial meat, dessert cream made from shrimp shells, etc. These products have aroused great interest.


In addition to product demonstrations, there are also some technical exchanges and forum activities at the exhibition. In these events, participants can share experiences with their peers and deeply explore the latest trends and future prospects of the industry, which makes the exhibition more practical.

During our visit and learning process, we have obtained a lot of useful information and new ideas, which will help us better understand and respond to the changes and challenges in the industry. We have also communicated with many peers and potential partners, which will lay the foundation for our future development. In summary, we are very grateful for the opportunity of this exhibition and express our respect and gratitude to its organizers and participants.

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