Product classification

Vitamin E Acetate


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Product Information
Name Vitamin E Acetate
CAS No. 7695-91-2
Constitutional Formula C31H52O3
introduction It can be used for strengthening nutrition of foods such as multi-dimensional beverages, ready-to-drink beverages, cereals, and confectionery, as well as pharmaceutical preparations such as tablets, effervescent agents, and hard capsules. Good dispersibility in water. Can also be used directly in feed.
Function 1. It can be used as antioxidant in formula milk.
2. Supportive treatment for various types of retinal diseases.
3. For coronary atherosclerotic heart disease (coronary heart disease) and lipid metabolism disorder
4. t can also be used for anti-aging.
The Information had not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, only for reference 

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