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Tryptophane (L-)


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Product Information
Name Tryptophane (L-)
Constitutional Formula C11H12N2O2
CAS No. 73-22-3
introduction L Tryptophan is an important precusor substance of auxin biosynthesis in plant. It has the similar structure of IAA. It widely exists in higher plant. There are two ways to synthetic auxin. The first is tryptophan oxidizes and deaminize and form indole acetone,then decarboxylation and form IAAId; Under the corresponding enzymes IAAId oxsidizes indoleacetic acid. The second way is
decarboxylation and form to tryptamine then tryptamine oxsidize deamination finally forms tryptophan.
Indications and Uses 1. L Tryptophan is an important nutrient.
2. L Tryptophan takes part in the renewal of animal blood plasma protein in the body
3. L Tryptophan helps nicotinic acid and the synthesis of hemoglobin. It can significantly increase antibody in pregnant animals baby.
4. L Tryptophan can promote lactation of cows and sows.
5. When animals are lack of Tryptophan,they stop growing,lose weight and reduce fat accumulation. The male breeding stock will testicular atrophy. 
6. L Tryptophan is used as control agent of pellagra
The Information had not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, only for reference 

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