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The most lively exhibition in history

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The unprecedented grandeur of the VITA FOODS exhibition in Thailand has attracted widespread attention from media, industry experts, and consumers from around the world, including food importers, distributors, retailers, restaurants, and supermarkets. This three-day exhibition covers various fields such as food and beverages, health products, natural herbs, and nutritional supplements, attracting over 600 exhibitors. Our M34 booth is even more lively and attracts many inquiry customers to visit.

Baoji Oasier Nutri-tech Co., Ltd. booth M34 is a highly anticipated location at the exhibition, not only with a unique geographical location, but also with a simple and fashionable booth design. The booth layout exudes a sense of modernity, not only showcasing our company's modern philosophy, but more importantly, creating a strong commercial atmosphere. The popular products displayed on the exhibition stand have also received widespread praise, especially several innovative functional health foods, which are innovative with the attention and praise of audiences and professionals.


During the exhibition, our sales staff attracted many inquiry customers with their enthusiastic service attitude and professional food knowledge at the booth. Under the unified arrangement of company leaders and customer management, our booth has become a good place for both display and inquiry. The first-class exhibits and service have made participating customers recognize our company. Every day, a large number of visitors come to our booth to inquire about the price of different products, and there is a large number of on-site orders, which are ordered according to the stock. The booming sales situation at the exhibition fully proves our popularity and public recognition in the market.


In addition to the meticulous arrangement of the booth and high-quality products, we also utilized the exhibition opportunities to expand more customer resources during the exhibition period. We have recorded every visiting customer and added appropriate customer statistics and analysis to facilitate our further refined marketing.

During the VITA FOODS exhibition in Thailand, our company achieved excellent sales performance at booth M34 and received recognition and praise from our customers. Believing in the future market, we will more efficiently repay customers' trust and provide more thoughtful services. We hope to provide better sales experience to our customers in the near future.

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