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The Roles Collagen Plays in Human Body

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The Roles Collagen Plays in Human Body

The Roles Collagen Plays in Human Body

Collagen is a kind of biological macromolecule that plays the role of binding tissue in animal cells. It is the most abundant protein in the human body, accounting for more than 30% of total body protein. Collagen is one of the most critical raw materials in the biotech industry and is also the best biomedical material with a huge demand. Its application areas include biomedical materials, cosmetics, food industry, research purposes and so on. Collagen is rich in amino acids such as glycine, proline and hydroxyproline needed by human body. Collagen is the most important part of the extracellular matrix. Collagen has below functions:

First, collagen can prevent cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that collagen can reduce blood triglyceride and cholesterol, and increase body lacks of some essential trace elements, so that it is maintained in a relatively normal range, an ideal diet lowering food. In addition, collagen is also unique in assisting the body to expel aluminum and reduce the accumulation of aluminum in the body.

Second,collagen can be used as a calcium supplement. Wherein the amino acid of hydroxyproline collagen in plasma calcium is the vehicle to transport calcium into bone cells. And osteoblasts collagen is hydroxyapatite binder, together with hydroxyl apatite constituting the bone body. Therefore, as long as adequate intake of collagen can ensure the normal body calcium intake. Collagen can be made into calcium health food.


Third, collagen contains a lot of glycine, not only involved in the synthesis of collagen in the human body, but also a central nervous system in neuronal neurotransmitters to produce central nervous system sedation, good treatment for anxiety, neurasthenia and so on effect.

Forth, collagen can prevent skin aging, wrinkles. With age, the collagen will gradually lose, resulting in the breaks of peptide bonds supporting the skin collagen and elastin network, then spiral mesh structure is damaged, skin tissue oxidized, atrophied, collapsed, and the skin will appear dry, wrinkles, laxity inelastic and other signs of aging, so that women supplement collagen protein is an anti-aging must.


Collagen is widely found in animal skins and bones, such as beef tendons, trotters, pigskin, chicken wings, chicken skin, skin and cartilage. Eating these foods can supplement collagen to some extent, but these common foods are macromolecular protein collagen, can not be directly absorbed by the body, and most of these foods are high in fat content.

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