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Strengthen link supervision and keep food safety

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Strengthen link supervision and keep food safety

Since last year, the city's market supervision departments at all levels have carried out a concerted campaign to "keep the bottom line, check hidden dangers, and ensure safety," as well as special rectification actions for prominent problems that jeopardize people's interests in the fields of food and medicine, and strengthened link supervision to ensure food safety.

So far, 10905 possible threats have been detected, and 10332 have been disposed of, for a 94.75% success rate.

Focus on key areas and strengthen supervision

The quality of food production firms significantly influences product quality and, more crucially, the safety of the people's tongue.

The market oversight department has actively pushed the standardization and improvement of unpacked and naked food and food workshops in recent years, with a focus on bean sprouts, vinegar, edible vegetable oil, rural fake and shoddy food and catering linkages, and special treatment work.

"Since last year, 60 on-site manufacturing and selling stores that meet the conditions have been transformed into small food workshops, 2 vinegar enterprises that do not meet the production conditions have been cancelled, and dairy production enterprises have been interviewed twice for their responsibilities," the relevant person in charge of the municipal market supervision bureau said.

Food safety on campus affects not only the healthy development of children, but also the hearts of all parents.

Lanzhou City's market supervision, education, health, public security, fire protection, and other departments collaborated last year to conduct a major food safety inspection and rectification on and around the campus during the spring and autumn seasons, as well as the key period of the high school entrance examination. 41 kilograms of food, such as hot strips, were removed from the shelves, and 8252 food business establishments on campus were inspected, resulting in a 100% inspection coverage rate. To implement ledger management for the city's 2189 off-campus care points and eliminate the blind zone of oversight.

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