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Stevia extract R-A


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Stevia extract R-A – The Natural Sweetener You've Been Looking For

In today's world, health is a top priority for many people. With the increasing awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, many of us are on the lookout for natural, healthy alternatives to the products we use in our everyday lives. This is where Stevia extract R-A comes in – a natural sweetener that is quickly becoming a popular choice for those who want to reduce their sugar intake.

So, what is Stevia extract R-A?

Stevia extract R-A is a natural sweetener that is derived from the leaves of the Stevia plant. It contains a compound called rebaudioside A (R-A) which is many times sweeter than sugar and has zero calories. This makes it an excellent alternative to sugar for those who want to reduce their calorie intake or manage their blood sugar levels.

One of the biggest advantages of Stevia extract R-A is that it is natural and does not contain any artificial sweeteners. This means that it is a great choice for anyone looking for a healthy alternative to sugar and other artificial sweeteners. Plus, it does not add any unwanted flavors to the food or drink it is added to, making it the perfect sweetener for coffee, tea, and other beverages.

In addition to being all-natural, Stevia extract R-A also has a number of health benefits. It has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels and may lower blood pressure. Plus, it is a great sugar substitute for people with diabetes, as it does not affect blood sugar levels in the same way that sugar does.

Stevia extract R-A is also incredibly versatile. It can be used to sweeten a variety of foods and drinks, from coffee and tea to desserts and baked goods. And because it is so sweet, you only need a small amount to add the desired sweetness to your food or beverage.

So, whether you are looking to reduce your sugar intake, manage your blood sugar levels, or simply enjoy a healthier alternative to sugar, Stevia extract R-A is the perfect choice. With its natural sweetness and numerous health benefits, it is quickly becoming a popular choice for health-conscious consumers around the world.

Product Information
Name Stevia extract R-A
Specification 97% 98% 99%
CAS No. 57817-89-7
Constitutional Formula C38H60O18
introduction a. Stevia or Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni, is a type of shrub indigenous to Paraguay  whose
leaves have been used for more than 200 years to sweeten food and beverages.
b. Stevia extract used in food and beverage,high sweetness,low heat,its sweetness is 200~300
times that of sucrose,heat value of only 1/300 of sucrose.
c. Main ingredients of Stevia extract are steviol glycosides, Rebaudioside A, Rebaudioside B,
Rebaudioside C, Rebaudioside D etc. 
d. JF-NATURAL's stevia extract is calculated as Rebaudioside A, which is commonly recognized by the international market. It has the highest sweetness and the best taste of steviol glycosides,
and the least bitterness of all the sweet compound in the stevia plant.
e.  Stability on acid, soda, heat and light, non-fermented.
Indications and Uses a. Helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system
b. Assists in maintaining weight loss
c. Helps maintain a healthy oral system
d. Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
e. Promote metabolism
f. Prevent decayed tooth
The Information had not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, only for reference 

Stevia extract R-A production process

Stevia extract R-A production process

Stevia extract R-A packages

Stevia extract R-A packages

Stevia extract R-A logistic

Stevia extract R-A logistic

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