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Soy isolate


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Product Information
Name Soy isolate
Specification 90% min.
Efficacy high-temperature meat products, minced ham sausages, emulsified sausages.
CAS No. 232-720-8
Constitutional Formula C13H10N2
introduction Soy Protein Isolates  is a highly refined or purified form of soy protein with a minimum protein content of 90% on a moisture-free basis. Spi Soybean Protein Isolate Saled is made from defatted soy flour which has had most of the nonprotein components, fats and carbohydrates removed. Because of this, Spi Soybean Protein Isolate Saled has a neutral flavor and will cause less flatulence due to bacterial fermentation.
Indications and Uses Application OF  Soy Protein Isolates
Soy protein isolate is used in the food industry for nutritional (increasing protein content), sensorial (better mouthfeel, bland flavour) and functional reasons (for applications requiring emulsification, water and fat absorption and adhesive properties).
The Information had not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, only for reference 

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