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Product Information
Name SAMe
Specification 25%-98%
CAS No. 29908-03-0
Constitutional Formula C15H22N6O5S

The cosubstrate S-Adenosyl-L-methionine (SAMe) is frequently used in methyl group transfers. SAMe is a chemical that is constantly created by all living cells and was initially discovered in 1952 by G. L. Cantoni in Italy. SAMe can prevent liver cancer and promote the formation and concrescence of cartilaginous tissue.

may aid in the fight against depression, Alzheimer's, liver disease, and osteoarthritis pain.SAMe is now well recognized as a significant medication for the treatment of liver disorders.

Indications and Uses

1. Natural SAMe is healthy for the liver and can protect it against alcohol, drugs, and liver cell damage;

2. Natural SAMe offers impressive protective effects against chronic active hepatitis and other conditions that might harm the liver, such as cancer, heart disease, and others.

3. Natural SAMe has been shown to be just as effective as prescription medications for treating arthritis and severe depression.

The Food and Drug Administration has simply used the information as a source of reference.

SAMe factory

SAMe factory

SAMe production application

SAMe production application

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