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Phytosterol Powder


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Product Description

Phytosterols is made from pine tree, corn, soybeans derived through physical purification, with high nutritional value, physical activity and other characteristics. Plant sterols can lower cholesterol by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, animal growth agents and paper processing, printing, textile and other fields, especially in Europe as a food additive is very common, widely used in food to lower cholesterol.


Plant sterols are substances with molecular structures similar to cholesterol extracted from plants. In the intestine, they can be absorbed by the human body before cholesterol, thereby reducing the absorption of cholesterol by the human body. They have special nutritional value. The scientifically formulated soy phospholipids and phytosterols have a synergistic effect, resulting in a more balanced nutrition

Plant sterols and biological aging:

Aging, as a normal and inevitable stage in the growth and development of organisms and their organs, is inevitably influenced and controlled by various internal and external factors. Plant sterols involve changes in cell membrane structure and are an important factor in regulating plant aging.

Further research has shown that the ratio of sterols to phospholipids in plants is an important structural factor related to biofilm fluidity. The ratio of plant sterols to phospholipids has an inverse relationship with membrane fluidity and affects the relative temperature of the membrane. Plant sterols have the function of eliminating free radicals, avoiding the damage of free radicals generated by membrane lipid oxidation to cells and antibodies, thereby delaying aging.





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