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Ornithine (L-)


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Name Ornithine (L-)
Constitutional Formula C5H13ClN2O2
CAS No. 70-26-8   EINECS No.: 200-568-1
introduction Ornithine is a central part of the urea cycle
First, ammonia is converted into carbamoyl phosphate (phosphate-CONH2), which creates one half of urea. Ornithine is converted into a urea derivative at the δ (terminal) nitrogen by carbamoyl phosphate.Another nitrogen is added from aspartate, producing the denitrogenated fumarate, and the resulting arginine (a guanidinium compound) is hydrolysed back to ornithine, producing urea.
Indications and Uses 1. L-Ornithine hcl is a non-essential amino acid. It is manufactured in the body utilizing L-Arginine which is an important precursor needed to manufacture Citrulline, Proline and Glutamic Acid.
2.L-Ornithine hcl is one of the growth hormone releasers used to increase lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat.
3. Another important function of L-Ornithine hcl is its use in detoxifying cells from harmful ammonia buildup.
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