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Natural high Antioxidant Rosemary

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Natural high Antioxidant Rosemary

Rosmarinus officinalis is the scientific Latin name for rosemary, a shrub of the Labiatae family. It is native to Europe and the Mediterranean coast of northern Africa, where it thrives in warm conditions. The Wei Dynasty is when it was originally introduced to China. Antioxidant-rich essential oil can be extracted from the blooms and leaves of rosemary.

In common chemical applications, such as air fresheners, disinfectants, ant repellents, and insecticidals, rosemary essence is utilized. The antioxidant rosemary finds widespread application in medicine, fried food, oily cuisine, and oil storage and quality control.

Rosemary extract contains many powerful ingredients, such as sage phenol, rat tail oxalic acid, and rosmarinic acid. Traditional plant extracts have antibacterial, anti-corrosion, and other qualities in addition to their antioxidant effects. Furthermore, rosemary extract has excellent resilience to temperature changes. While the stability of most plant extracts is frequently affected by temperature, it remains stable at 240 °C.

Antioxidants are found naturally in herb rosemary. In a recent study, Dr. Stuart A. Lipton of the Sanford Burnham Institute of Medicine and his colleagues demonstrated the benefits of carnosic acid, an ingredient found in the herbal remedy rosemary, for eye health. According to their research, rat tail oxalate may be helpful in the treatment of disorders that harm the outer retina.

It was found that rosemary contains rosmarinic acid, also known as Rosa, a naturally occurring phenolic acid component. It is common and mostly found in many different plant families, including those of the Labiatae and Shikonaceae families, as well as the Cucurbitaceae, Tiliaceae, and Umbelliferae families.

Rosmarinic acid is an organic antioxidant. Because of its stronger antioxidant qualities than those of vitamin E, coffee, chlorogenic acid, folic acid, etc., it helps reduce the likelihood that free radicals may harm cells. Since rosemary extract is resistant to light, heat, and acid, it is recognized in the industry as a natural antioxidant that may be used in food supplements, food and beverages, fresh meat, and even sauces.

As consumer awareness of health continues to develop, the concepts of natural green, health, and environmental protection have gradually become embedded in people's consciousness. The demand for rosemary extract as a natural plant preservative will grow over time.

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