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Natural barley grass powder


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Product name: Natural barley grass powder
Plant source: barley seedling
Main ingredients: enzymes, chlorophyll, bioflavonoids
Appearance: green powder
Test method: TLC
Mesh screen aperture: 80 mesh
Use: food, medicine, health care products
Samples: free samples
Certification: ISO, KOSHER, Halal, HACCP
Package: 1kg/bag, 25kgs/barrel

Product Description

Raw material introduction

The natural barley grass powder is made from barley young seedlings as raw materials, after removing impurities, through cleaning, blanching, dehydration, drying, crushing and other steps.

The natural barley seedling powder is made from barley young seedlings

Main components

Protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, dietary fiber, chlorophyll, SOD enzyme, minerals (K, Mg, Ca, Fe, Na, etc.), fat, etc

Barley seedling meal and its nutritional value

The natural barley grass powder is the seedling of the gramineous plant barley. The vitamins, minerals and proteins contained in the barley seedling are essential nutrients for humans and animals;

In addition, it is rich in chlorophyll, soluble dietary fiber, water-soluble dietary fiber and bioactive enzymes; Vegetarians can avoid vitamin B12 deficiency by supplementing barley seedlings, which are highly alkaline in all foods.

It can prevent and eliminate free radicals, relieve constipation, detoxify, protect skin, resist oxidation, protect liver, and help lose weight.

Suitable for people and food consumption method

1. Constipated people with toxin accumulation: drink 1 cup of 3g natural barley grass powder every morning when they are empty. It is recommended that the water temperature should not exceed 40 ℃; For those with severe constipation, it is recommended to drink one or two cups on an empty stomach every morning, one cup at noon and one cup at night, and add a bag of probiotics to each cup.

2. Slimming people who need to lose weight: drink 1~2 cups of natural barley grass powder three times a day before meals. It is recommended to add a spoonful of brewer's yeast into each cup and drink more water at the same time. Natural barley seedling powder and brewer's yeast are rich in dietary fiber, and the expansion of food fiber will produce a certain sense of satiety, which will prevent the absorption of sugar and oil in the food subsequently eaten;

3. Those who live irregularly and often socialize outside: drink a cup of natural barley grass powder every morning. It is recommended to add beetroot and drink it together. This can not only supplement sufficient food fiber, but also supplement various vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients consumed by the body for self repair during sleep at night, which can protect the liver;



Product Name: Natural barley grass powder

Origin of Material: China

Botanical Source:  barley seedling

Part Used: seed





green powder







Sieve Analysis

95% pass 80 mesh

Loss on Drying


2 hours at 105°C

Bulk Density


Total Ash


Heavy Metals









Microbiological Test

Total Plate Count


Yeast & Mold  


E.Coli E                




Storage: In a cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.

Shelf Life: 2 years when properly stored.

* There is likely to be minor color variation from batch to batch due to geographical(origin) and seasonal variations of the material.

Natural barley grass powder manufacturer

Natural barley grass powder manufacturer

Natural barley grass powder certificate

Natural barley grass powder certificate

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