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Milk thistle Extract


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Product Name Milk thistle Extract
Latin Name Silybum marianum
Active ingredient


Storage In cool & dry place.Keep away from strong light and heat
Shelf life 2 years when properly stored
Milk thistle for annual or two year herb, native to southern Europe and north Africa, in Europe and Africa for thousands of years of cultivation and use of history, folk medicinal plants. Milk thistle has been widely used as a drug for the treatment of liver disease and cardiovascular disease. Milk thistle extract with milk thistle Silybum marianum g. dry fruits as raw materials, goods extract often label to contain 80% of the total silymarin.
The main effective components of milk thistle is flavonoids, including: bean milk thistle (Silybinin) A, B, milk thistle ning (Silydianin), milk thistle pavilion (Silychristin), Dehydrosilybinin, Isosilybinin A, B, etc., the total is called silymarin (silymarin)
1. Protect liver cell membrane and improve the liver function.
2. Be used for treating hepatitis.
3. Used to detoxify, reduce the blood fat, and be good for gallbladder.
4. To protect the brain and remove the free radical of body.

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