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Malic acid


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Product Information
Name Malic acid
Specification 99.0 - 100.5%
CAS No. 97-67-6
Constitutional Formula

Green's sourness is aided by malic acid. It imparts a sour flavor to, though the amount diminishes as the fruit ripens. Malic acid is converted to a more milder form during the process of.

Malic acid, for example, is the cause of severe acidity in so-called "extreme candy" or candies. It is also combined with or substituted for the less sour in sour sweets such as and Salt & Vinegar potato chips. These candies are occasionally branded with a warning that excessive eating might cause oral discomfort.

Indications and Uses

(1) In the food industry: it can be employed in the processing and preparation of beverages, liqueurs, fruit juice, and the production of sweets and jam, among other things. It also has antibacterial and antisepsis properties and can eliminate tartrate during wine brewing.

(2) In the tobacco industry, malic acid derivatives (such as esters) can increase tobacco scent.

(3)In the pharmaceutical sector, troches and syrup containing malic acid have a fruity flavor and can aid in absorption and diffusion in the body.

(4) In the daily chemical industry, it can be utilized as a complexing agent in toothpaste formulas, spice synthesis formulas, and so on. It can also be used as a deodorant and as a detergent additive. Malic acid is an essential food element in our food supply as a food additive.We can supply you with high-quality malic acid as a leading food additives and food components supplier in China.

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