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Maitake Extract


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Product Description

Product Name Maitake Extract
Latin Name Grifola frondosa
Color Brown yellow fine powder

10%-50% Polysaccharides


Test method UV / TLC
Particle Size 100% pass 80 mesh
Heavy metals ≤20ppm
Loss on Drying ≤5%
Sulphated Ash ≤5%
Storage In cool & dry place.Keep away from strong light and heat
Shelf life 2 years when properly stored

The fungus is native to China, the northeastern section of Japan, and North America, and it is valued as a therapeutic mushroom in traditional Chinese and Japanese herbology.

In 2009, Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center completed a phase I/II human experiment that demonstrated Maitake could activate the immune systems of breast cancer patients.

Maitake has been demonstrated in small studies with human cancer patients to boost immune system cells such as NK cells.

Maitake has also been proven in vitro to boost immune system cells. In vivo studies revealed that Maitake could stimulate both the innate and adaptive immune systems.

Maitake has been shown in vitro to induce apoptosis in numerous cancer cell lines as well as impede the development of certain cancer cells. Small investigations with human cancer patients demonstrated that the Maitake D-fraction, a component of the Maitake mushroom, has anti-cancer activity. In vitro studies revealed that the mushroom may have anti-metastatic capabilities.

According to research, maitake has a hypoglycemic impact and may help with diabetes management. Maitake reduces blood sugar levels because it naturally includes an alpha glucosidase inhibitor.

Maitake contains antioxidants and may inhibit the enzyme cyclooxygenase partly.




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