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Lysozyme Raw Material


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Product name: Lysozyme raw material
Source: Egg White
Activity: 500000 enzyme activity
Appearance: White powder
Mesh size: 80 mesh
Usage: Pharmaceutical intermediates
Samples: Provide free samples
Certification: ISO, KOSHER, Halal, HACCP
Packaging: 1kg/bag, 25kgs/barrel

Product Description

Lysozyme raw material is an important biological agent with numerous applications. Lysozymes are a type of enzyme that can degrade bacterial cell walls. Its applications include medicine, food, animal husbandry, and aquaculture.

Lysozyme raw materials typically have an enzyme activity of 5000U/mg, which means that there are 5000 units of enzyme activity per milligram of raw materials. Its strong enzyme activity allows it to dissolve bacterial cell walls swiftly and effectively, contributing to bacteriolysis.

Lysozyme raw ingredients typically produce white to slightly yellow powder. Its components include fungal toxins, a crude extract of wall-degrading bacteriophages, carbohydrates, and buffering agents. Its low activity residual organic solvents and bacteria have been eliminated, ensuring its quality and safety for use.


Lysozyme raw materials are widely used in a variety of applications, including:

1. Medical applications: Lysozyme raw materials can be used to digest, cut, prepare cells, separate tissues, and destroy cell walls. It also has vital applications in medication manufacturing and pharmacological research.

2. Food industry: Lysozyme raw materials can be used to manufacture pizza dough, bread, dairy products, biscuits, and other meals, thereby boosting their quality and flavor.

3. Animal husbandry: Lysozyme raw materials can be mixed into feed to improve digestibility and stimulate animal growth and development.

4. Aquaculture: Lysozyme raw materials can be utilized to treat diseases like fish insect disease and putrefaction.

When employing lysozyme raw materials, it is also required to follow specific guidelines to ensure their effectiveness.

First, the proper type and dosage of lysozyme should be chosen depending on the application requirements.

Second, it is critical to monitor storage conditions and eliminate negative elements such as high temperatures and humidity.

At the same time, proper pre-treatment is essential before usage to ensure stability.

In short, lysozyme raw materials, as a significant biological agent, have a wide range of applications and offer effective solutions to a variety of sectors.

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