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Name:L-Leucine Supplement
Appearance: White crystals or crystalline powder
CAS NO.: 61-90-5
EINECS NO.: 200-522-0

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Name L-Leucine
Constitutional Formula C6H13NO2
CAS No. 61-90-5
introduction  Leucine Supplement is a comprehensive amino acid preparation, or hypoglycemic agent and plant growth promoter. It is said that L-Leucine supplement feels particularly important. In daily life,L-Leucine supplement is more used in bread and flour products, or simply L-Leucine supplement is a spice, which can be used to improve the flavor of food. L-Leucine supplement is also widely used in medicine. It is a necessary raw material for intravenous injection of compound amino acids. Therefore, the use of L-Leucine supplement in medicine is essential. So what are the functions and effects of L-Leucine supplement in medical application? First, it can maintain the nutritional needs of patients. Second, it can regulate amino acid and protein metabolism, which is of great importance.
Indications and Uses L-Leucine supplement is one of the eight essential amino acids for human body. L-Leucine supplement belongs to the fatty group of 20 protein amino acids.
L-Leucine can promote insulin secretion and reduce blood sugar; Promote sleep, reduce sensitivity to pain, relieve migraine, anxiety and tension, reduce the symptoms of chemical reaction disorder caused by alcohol, and help control alcoholism; L-Leucine can also promote the healing of skin wounds and bones, so doctors usually recommend patients to take leucine supplements after surgery. Often prepare amino acid infusion and comprehensive amino acid preparation for treatment or health care; L-Leucine can also be used as an additive for food, cosmetics and feed. Plant growth promoter.
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