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L-Glutamic Acid


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Name:L-Glutamic Acid
Appearance: White crystals or crystalline powder
CAS NO.: 56-86-0
EINECS NO.: 200-293-7

Product Description

Product Information
Name L-Glutamic Acid
Constitutional Formula C5H9NO4
CAS No. 56-86-0

L glutamic acid (Glu) has the chemical formula 2 amino 5 carboxyl valeric acid and is a precursor of glutamine, proline, and arginine. L-glutamic acid is a non-essential amino acid in the human body that can be converted in vivo from glucose.

Indications and Uses

L glutamic acid is an amino acid that is acidic.

L-glutamic acid is a salt substitute, nutritional supplement, and flavoring agent (most commonly used in meat, soup, and chicken). With a dosage of 0.3% 1.6%, L-glutamic acid can also be used as an inhibitor to prevent magnesium ammonium phosphate crystallization in canned aquatic goods such as shrimp and crab. According to the regulations of GB 2760 - 96, it can be used as perfume.

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Customer Evaluation



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