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Name L-Cystine
CAS No. 1256-69-4
Constitutional Formula C6H12N2O4S2
introduction L-Cystine Base is also helpful in the healing of burns and wounds, breaking down mucus deposits in illness, the supple of insulin to the pancreas increasing the levels of glutathione in lungs, liver, kidney, and bone, additionally may have effect of anti-aging.
Indications and Uses 1. Promote the oxidation and reduction of body cells, increase white blood cells and prevent the development of pathogens.
2. For various alopecia.
3. Used for acute infectious diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, flu, asthma, neuralgia, eczema, and various poisoning diseases, etc., and has the effect of maintaining protein configuration.
4. As a feed fortifier, it is good for animal development, increases body weight and liver and kidney function, and improves fur quality.
5. It can be used as a cosmetic additive to promote wound healing, prevent skin allergies, and treat eczema.
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