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Product Information
Name L-Cystine
CAS No. 1256-69-4
Constitutional Formula C6H12N2O4S2

Additionally useful in the treatment of burns and wounds, breaking down mucus buildup in illnesses, raising glutathione levels in the lungs, liver, kidney, and bone, and maybe having an anti-aging impact, L-cystine base also helps the pancreas produce more insulin.

Indications and Uses

1. Encourage the oxidation and reduction of bodily cells, boost white blood cell production, and stop pathogen growth.

2. For different alopecia.

3. It has the impact of maintaining protein shape and is used for acute infectious diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, flu, asthma, neuralgia, eczema, and different poisoning conditions.

4. It enhances fur quality, boosts body weight, liver and kidney function, and is beneficial for animal development as a feed fortifier.

5. It can be applied as a cosmetic addition to cure eczema, prevent skin allergies, and speed up the healing of wounds.

The Food and Drug Administration has simply used the information as a source of reference.

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