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L-Citrulline powder


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Name:L-Citrulline powder
Appearance: White crystal or crystalline powder
CAS NO.: 372-75-8
purity: 99%
Formula: C6H13N3O3

Product Description

Product Information
Name L-Citrulline
Formula C6H13N3O3
CAS No. 372-75-8
introduction  L-Citrulline powder contains in watermelon and many other fruits.which plays a very important role. For example, for some athletes, citrulline supplementation can improve cardiopulmonary function, maintain the normal operation of muscle tissue, eliminate fatigue and quickly recover physical fitness. If some friends have urinary system diseases, they also need to supplement citrulline powder, which can improve the metabolic function of the human body, promote human excretion and reduce the symptoms of urinary system diseases.
Indications and Uses


1. Improve athletes' muscle strength and endurance

Arginine plays a good role in promoting the exercise function of human body. As the precursor of L-arginine synthesis, L-citrulline can be transformed into L-arginine in many tissues. Taking citrulline can effectively improve the anti fatigue ability of human body, maintain healthy cardiopulmonary function, improve mental clarity, reduce stress and customer service depression, balance blood glucose concentration, enhance human muscle strength and improve physical fitness. It plays a good role in exercise health care..

L-Citrulline powder has many functions. For example, some patients with hypertension can eat more citrulline in their normal diet. It can increase blood circulation and eliminate excess fat on blood vessel wall, which has a certain auxiliary effect on the treatment of hypertension. Citrulline intake can improve human immunity and help the human body resist the invasion of various diseases.
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