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Inositol Powder


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Name:Inositol Powder
Appearance: white or off-white Crystalline powder
CAS NO.:87-89-8
Specification: 99% HPLC
Formula: C6H12O6
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Product Description

Product Information
Name Inositol
Constitutional Formula C6H12O6
CAS No. 87-89-8
introduction  Inositol powder, also known as inositol, cyclohexanol, is a water-soluble vitamin, a kind of vitamin B group, inositol powder is also a biological activity, inositol and choline are lipophilic vitamins, white Crystal powder, odorless, sweet, soluble in water, inositol powder is derived from grain epidermis, rice bran, wheat bran, corn, etc., and is made by scientific extraction. The existence of inositol powder is found in the muscles of animals, so it is called "inositol". It is the premise for the synthesis of many biomolecules. It exists in the brain, stomach, kidney, spleen, liver and other tissues of plants and humans. One of the indispensable ingredients.
Indications and Uses
1. Inositol powder and choline combine to form lecithin, which can metabolize fat, cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis; 2. Inositol powder , like choline, plays an important role in supplying nutrition to brain cells, and has a sedative and soothing effect; 3. Promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss; 4. Prevent eczema; 5. Help to remove fat from the liver, used for adjuvant treatment of cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver, etc.;
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