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Inositol NF12


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Product Description

Inositol NF12 can be used as a cosmetic raw material and is widely used in the cosmetics industry. Adding inositol to common cosmetics can effectively promote skin metabolism and moisturizing effects, improve antioxidant and cell regeneration abilities, and have a significant effect on improving skin condition and delaying aging.

Inositol NF12 has many advantages. First, it is a safe, mild and low irritation ingredient, which can be applied to various skin types; Secondly, inositol can promote skin metabolism, making the skin healthier and more radiant; In addition, inositol has excellent moisturizing effects, which can deeply moisturize the skin and enhance its water retention ability; Finally, inositol can also enhance skin immunity and effectively protect the skin from external damage.

Product Information
Name Inositol NF12
Specification 99%
CAS No. 87-89-8
Constitutional Formula C6H12O6
introduction This product is one of the complex vitamin B, can promote cell metabolism, improve the role of cell nutrition, can promote development, increase appetite, restore physical strength, and can prevent fat accumulation in the liver, accelerate the removal of excess fat in the heart, so can be used In the prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia, cirrhosis.
The Information had not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, only for reference 

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