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Garlic Extract


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Product Description

Product Name Garlic Extract
Latin Name Allium sativum
Color Light yellow fine powder

1% Allicin / 2%, 5% Alliin

Test method HPLC
Particle Size 100% pass 80 mesh
Heavy metals ≤20ppm
Loss on Drying ≤5%
Sulphated Ash ≤5%
Storage In cool & dry place.Keep away from strong light and heat
Shelf life 2 years when properly stored

Garlic was used to treat intestinal issues, flatulence, worms, lung infections, skin diseases, wounds, aging symptoms, and a variety of other ailments.

Garlic has numerous health benefits, but it has an awful odor. Because most people dislike its flavor, we produce odorless Garlic Extract.

1. Strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity.

2. Enhances cardiovascular health.

3. Lowers the chance of cancer.

4. Reduces blood pressure.

5. Good digestion.

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