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Food Additive D-Xylose


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Specification: 99%
Appearance: White crystalline powder( 40-80 mesh)
Molecular Formula: C5H10O5
Molecular Weight: 150.13
CAS Number: 58-86-6
Application: dietary supplement, functional beverage
Packing: 25kg per cardboard drum with double food-grade PE bags inside
Sample: Free sample available (20g or as discussed)

Product Description

APPEARANCEWhite crystalline powder
SIEVE ANALYSIS95% pass 80 mesh
TOTAL PLATE COUNT≤10,000 cfu/g
YEASTS & MOLDS≤1,000 cfu/g
In cool and dry place, keep away from strong light and heat.
Two years when properly stored.

D-xylose is a five carbon sugar obtained by hydrolysis of hemicellulose rich plants such as sawdust, rice straw, and corn cob, with the chemical formula C5H1005.

Colorless to white crystalline or white crystalline powder, with a slight special odor and refreshing sweet taste. The sweetness is about 40% of sucrose., Melting point 114 degrees, showing right rotation

It has variable optical activity and is easily soluble in hot ethanol and pyrimidine, with a sweetness of 67% of sucrose. Xylose and glucose have similar chemical properties and can be reduced to corresponding alcohols,

For example, xylitol, or oxidation to 3-hydroxyglutaric acid. The human body cannot digest and utilize it. Natural crystals exist in various mature fruits.


1. Non calorie sweetener. It is used for patients with obesity and diabetes. It is also used to prevent fat oxidation and dosage, as raw materials for making soy sauce, and through Maillard reaction

Prepare pork and other spices.

2. Xylose has a high proliferative effect on bifidobacteria in the human gut, and consuming it can improve the microbial environment of the human body. Enhance the body's immune function

Force. Xylose has a good compatibility with food, and adding a small amount of xylose to food can demonstrate good health benefits. Simultaneous intake of xylose and calcium can improve

High absorption and retention rates of calcium in the human body can also prevent constipation.

3. Used for preparing xylitol.

4. Due to its significant flavor enhancing effect, it can be used in the spice and pet feed industries

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