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Folic acid


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Product Description

Product Information
Name Folic acid
Specification 95.0%~102.0%
CAS No. 59-30-3
Constitutional Formula C19H19N7O6
Indications and Uses

1. Folic acid has a therapeutic impact on big red gemmule anemia and sprue.

2. Antitumor activity

3. As a type of health food additive, folic acid can be added to infant milk powder.

4. Folic acid can be utilized as an auxiliary therapy for schizophrenia patients, and it has a considerable relieving effect on the disease. Furthermore, folic acid can be used to treat chronic atrophic gastritis, block bronchial squamous transformation, and control since homocysteine appears to induce coronary artery sclerosis, myocardial damage, and myocardial infarction, among other things.

5.Folic acid is extensively used as a feed additive; it is utilized in anemia medications; a lack of folic acid causes livestock and poultry to lose appetite, grow poorly, and so on.

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