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DHEA Powder


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Product information:
Product Name: DHEA(Dehydroepiandrosterone) powder
CAS NO.: 53-43-0
EC.: 200-175-5
Molecular formula: C19H28O2
Molecular weight: 288.40
  • Oasier


Product Description


Male and female sex hormones (androgens and estrogens) are precursors to DHEA powder. Life cannot exist without DHEA powder, and it has numerous health benefits. DHEA "appears to block the growth of carcinogens," according to Dr. Arthur Schwartz of Temple University. DHEA powder has been found in studies to benefit patients.


Anti-aging and protein synthesis are the key outcomes. As a medical aid, DHEA powder is primarily used to: 1. Maintain ovaries; 2. Promote the growth of female follicles; and 3. Enhance the quality of follicles;

2. DHEA powder can prevent and treat endocrine disorders and regulate the ovarian endocrine system;

3. DHEA powder may help women become more fertile by encouraging ovarian ovulation in them;

4. DHEA powder can manage negative emotions, promote illness resistance, and improve physical appearance;

5. DHEA powder can enhance the sexual experience and satisfaction of women;

6. DHEA powder plays a specific purpose in aiding weight loss by promoting fat metabolism in the body.

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