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DHEA Powder

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Product Name: DHEA(Dehydroepiandrosterone) powder
CAS NO.: 53-43-0
EC.: 200-175-5
Molecular formula: C19H28O2
Molecular weight: 288.40
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Product Description


 powder is a precursor to male and female sex hormones(androgens andestrogens). DHEA powder is essential to sustain life, and there are numberous health. DR. Arthur Schwartz of the Temple University said that " DHEA appears to block the growth of carcinogens" Studies have shown that DHEA powder is useful in patients.


The main effects are anti-aging and protein synthesis. As a health care product, it is mainly used for:
1. DHEA powder has the effect of maintaining ovaries, can promote the development of female follicles and improve the quality of follicles;
2. DHEA powder can regulate the endocrine function of ovary, prevent and improve the endocrine disorder;
3. DHEA powder can promote women's ovarian ovulation and play a certain role in improving women's fertility;
4. DHEA powder can improve physique, enhance disease resistance, improve sleep and regulate bad emotions;
5. DHEA powder can improve the quality of women's sexual life and improve sexual pleasure;
6. DHEA powder can promote fat metabolism in the body and has a certain role in assisting weight loss.

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