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Product Information
Name D-phenylalanine
Constitutional Formula C9H11NO2 
CAS No. 673-06-3
introduction D-Phenylalanine is a form of the essential amino acid, L-Phenylalanine, that, when taken as a supplement, protects the body's production of naturally occurring "painkillers" (endorphins), with no side-effects.
Indications and Uses 1)D - phenylalanine can restrain the failure of human body, it have antipyretic and analgesic action.
2) D – phenylalanine are main used in the product that can treat the Osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson syndrome, Moreover, it is the key intermediate of protease (AIDS) inhibit drug and the ingredient of anticarcinoma drug and Diabetes Mellitus medicine
The Information had not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, only for reference 

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