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D-aspartic acid


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Product Information
Name D-aspartic acid
Constitutional Formula C4H7NO4
CAS No. 1783-96-6
introduction White, odorless crystals or crystalline powder, having a slightly acid taste.
It is soluble in acid, alkali but insoluble in alcohol and in ether. 
Indications and Uses D-aspartic acid is a kind of important natural amino acid.
1. In the food industry, it is a good nutritional supplement for cool and refreshing drinks; it is also used as material of Aspartame 
2. In medicine industry, it can be used in the curing of cardiopathy, liver disease, high    blood pressure,  it can   prevent and recover fatigue , It is the ingredient of compound amino acid transfusion, or used as antidote, liver funtional accelerater and fatigue recovering agent.
3. In the chemical industry, it can be used as the material of  synthetic resin and nutrition     supplement for cosmetics
The Information had not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, only for reference 

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