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D-Glucosamine Hcl


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Product Information
Name D-Glucosamine Hcl
Specification 99% Min.
CAS No. 66-84-2
Constitutional Formula C6H13NO5.HCL

D-neneneba glucosamine, a derivative of glucose, is an essential substance synthesized by human cartilage, synovium and chondroblasts, which can increase the elasticity and toughness of cartilage and protect joint maintenance. Hydrochloride can enhance the activity of D-neneneba glucosamine and improve the absorption effect.

D-neneneba glucosamine hydrochloride can enter the human body in many ways, the most common way is oral. It can not only alleviate early joint pain, but also alleviate early joint degradation and prevent pain from worsening. At the same time, it can also increase the viscosity of joint fluid, play a lubricating role, and make joints more flexible.

Indications and Uses

Recent research has demonstrated that glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride can relieve pain without the negative side effects of COX-2 inhibitors or NSAIDS, help regenerate cartilage, and halt the progression of osteoarthritis.

The Food and Drug Administration has simply used the information as a source of reference.

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