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Chrysin Powder


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Product information:
Name:Chrysin powder
Appearance: light yellow powder
CAS NO.:480-40-0
Specification: 99% HPLC
Formula: C15H10O4

Product Description

Product Information
Name Chrysin Powder
Formula C15H10O4
CAS No. 480-40-0

Chrysin Powder contains some anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. That is mostly due to chrysin powder's inherent therapeutic properties. It is an active flavonoid that was isolated from the woodbutterfly used in traditional Chinese medicine using cutting-edge technology. Chrysin powder also has the ability to both prevent and treat cancer. This is mostly due to chrysin powder, a pharmaceutical ingredient with potent anti-cancer properties. It can stop carcinogens from acting on human cells. It therefore has an anti-radiation action. This is due to the medicinal compound aspen, which can both strengthen the body's natural ability to fight cancer and stop it from spreading.

Indications and Uses


1. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

Chrysin is an organic pharmaceutical component. Using cutting-edge technology, an active flavonoid was isolated from the woodbutterfly used in traditional Chinese medicine. Numerous delicate bacteria and harmful bacteria can be greatly inhibited and removed from the human body. The body's capacity to fight infection and inflammation can be greatly increased after chrysin absorption.

2. Cancer therapy and prevention

Aspen is an effective anticancer and anti-cancer therapeutic ingredient. As a result, it can greatly lower the incidence rate of human malignancies and stop the development of human cancers by inhibiting the activity of carcinogenic substances in the body, preventing them from harming human cells, and preventing cancer cells from proliferating in the body.

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