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China Food and Drug Promotion Association Held in Beijing

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China Food and Drug Promotion Association Held in Beijing

News from the China Food Safety Network The China Food and Drug Promotion Association conducted its first working meeting in 2023 in Beijing on March 15, following the victory of the two sessions of the National People's Congress. The topic is around attentively examining the past and anticipating the future, seeking, moving, and acting in accordance with the situation, and comprehensively advancing the Association's high-quality development. Mao Zhenbin, a former first-level inspector from the State Drug Administration's Department of Science and Technology and International Cooperation and a candidate for the Association's second president, presided over the meeting.


Zheng Haifa, General Manager of Minhai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Chief Scientist of Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co., Ltd., believes that establishing a professional committee for vaccine and biological product quality evaluation and standards is a critical step after more than two years of epidemic testing.

Xu Liangde, the proposed head of the Eye Health Professional Committee, stated that the branch's Chinese Associate Academician serves as chairman, with more than two full-time employees, 300 square meters of private office space, and a special budget of one million yuan every year. Simultaneously, the standard certification, industry alliance, and industrial intelligence training in China Eye Valley's existing business are all allotted to the special committee, and the generated cash fully supports the special committee's operations.


Jialian Group has established cooperative relationships with more than 100 universities and vocational colleges in Beijing, according to Wang Xuelian, the proposed president of the Cosmetics Branch, and has built a health and beauty industrial park of more than 30000 square meters in Changping District. It takes an entity like the Cosmetics Branch to bridge the gap and encourage the overall development of work.

Mao Zhenbin, the candidate for the Association's second president, stated in his summary speech that the Association still has issues such as low visibility and influence, flawed internal procedures, non-standard branch administration, and uneven development.

Mao Zhenbin emphasized that, in conjunction with the spirit of promoting high-quality development proposed at the Communist Party of China's 20th National Congress, the Association should once again recognize and understand its political standing, have a sense of responsibility and mission, elevate the responsibility and mission to political, economic, and cultural levels, and resolutely de administrate specific work. Regardless of who is in charge or who is on the general staff, it is vital to increase service awareness and to incorporate careful and professional services into all aspects of the work. Give full play to the industry's function as a bridge and link.

According to Mao Zhenbin, the Promotion Association will hold the first China Food and Drug Promotion Association High Quality Food and Drug Development Conference in July this year, in the form of "the general assembly will set up a platform, and all branches will sing operas."


At this meeting, the China Association for the Promotion of Food and Drug discussed a major plan and conspired to make a new start. In order to achieve the original intention, the great trust, the mission, and the responsibility, the Chinese Association for the Promotion of Food and Drug gathered all forces to form a strong joint force, and courageously advanced towards the goal of promoting the high-quality development of the Association.

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