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Calcium pyruvate


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Product Information
Name Calcium pyruvate
Specification 99%MIN
CAS No. 52009-14-0
Constitutional Formula C6H6CaO6
introduction Natural Pyruvic Acid Calcium Salt/China Manufacturer Slimming Powder/Weight Loss Products 52009-14-0 
Indications and Uses 1 Calcium Pyruvate is good weight loss ingredient: university of Pittsburgh medical research center show the surprising results: pyruvate calcium can increase at least 48 per cent of fat consumption.
2 Calcium Pyruvate will give great vitality to manual workers, high strength brain workers and athletes; however, it’s not the stimulant.
3 Calcium Pyruvate can be a excellent calcium supplements.
4 Calcium Pyruvate can Lower cholesterol and low density cholesterol, improve cardiac function
The Information had not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, only for reference 

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