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Ascorbyl palmitate


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Product Description

Ascorbyl palmitate is a natural multifunctional, nutritional antioxidant fresh-keeping agent and synergist. If you feel unwell, you should go to the hospital for examination. Under the guidance of a doctor, you should use drugs to recuperate your body.

Ascorbyl palmitate can be used in infant food and milk powder to strengthen nutrition, and can also play the role of antioxidant and whitening agent. It is a non-toxic, harmless, multifunctional nutritional antioxidant and fresh-keeping agent. It is safe for babies to eat and generally will not cause gastrointestinal irritation after eating.

Everyone's physical condition varies, and there may also be differences in their daily dietary abilities, especially during infancy and childhood. The development of the gastrointestinal system is not particularly perfect, and it is necessary to observe the child's adaptation after consuming food.

Product Information
Name Ascorbyl palmitate
CAS No. 137-66-6
Constitutional Formula C22H38O7
introduction Ascorbyl palmitate has the all physiological activity of vitamin C, it is a highly effective anti-oxidant and oxygen free radical scavenger, assessed by the Committee on Food Additives of the World Health Organization (WHO) as a nutrient, efficient, safety use of food additives; it is the only one that can be used for infant food antioxidants, it has a function that can play an effect of antioxidant, food (grease) color protection and strengthen the effectiveness of vitamin C.
Indications and Uses (1)In Foods and Cosmetics: To prevent oxidation and extend the shelf-life of foods or cosmetics
(2)In  Health Care: Anti-aging and skin whitener, Enhance immunity
(3)In Pharmaceutical: Guard against Cataract and Osteoporosis , mitigate the sickness of menopause , protect liver from damnification
The Information had not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, only for reference 

Ascorbyl palmitate manufacturer

Ascorbyl palmitate manufacturer

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