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Arginine HCL (L-)


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Product Information
Name Arginine HCL (L-)
Specification L-Arginine 99%-100%
Constitutional Formula C6H14N4O2
CAS No. 74-79-3
introduction L-Arginine Base is a white rhombic system (dihydrate) crystal or a white crystalline powder. It is a necessary amino acid for newborns and children. It contains a lot of protamine and is extensively used for detoxification. L-Arginine Base is an essential food element in our food supply as a food additive. We can provide you with high quality L-Arginine Base as a leading food additives and food components supplier in China.
Indications and Uses

1.A nutritional supplement; a flavoring additive. For adults, non-essential amino acids are produced at a slower rate than essential amino acids for newborns and young children. Special flavor available from heated interaction with sugar. Infusion of amino acids and amino acids are required for preparation. GB2760-2001 allows for the use of spiced foods.      

2.Arginine ornithine cycle is an essential component with critical physiological functions. Eat arginine to boost the activity of the liver arginase, which converts blood ammonia to urea and excretes it. As a result, arginine is very helpful for hyperammonemia, liver dysfunction, and other disorders. 


3.Arginine is an amino acid base pair that is not needed for adults, but in some circumstances, such as immature or organisms under severe stress, the body cannot sustain positive nitrogen balance and appropriate physiological function in the absence of arginine. If the ammonia level is sufficiently high, a lack of arginine may cause the patient to go into a coma. If a newborn has a congenital absence of specific urea cycle enzymes, arginine is required, or the infant cannot sustain normal growth and development.  

4.Arginine's major metabolic function is to improve wound healing by promoting collagen synthesis and wound repair. Fluid secretion in the wound can be seen as an increase in arginase activity, indicating that the lesion is close to the arginine requirement. Arginine can enhance wound healing by increasing microcirculation surrounding the site.  

5.Arginine Powder immunological function, prevent thymus degradation (particularly thymus injury degradation), arginine supplementation can raise thymus weight, boosting lymphocyte proliferation in the thymus. Arginine supplementation can decrease the number of animals suffering from cancer, lower the incidence of tumor metastasis, and increase animal survival time and survival. In addition to lymphocytes, the immune system contains phagocytic cells of vitality and arginine. The addition of arginine may activate the enzyme system, allowing it to kill tumor cells, germs, and other target cells.  
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